Ahgosh Special Children School

When we think of special children the picture that we see is of a child who isn’t able to communicate his outer world normally. Imagine the pain, when you are unable to express your thoughts, your problems and even pain in front of someone you want to listen and pay attention. No one can truly imagine the pain of special children.

However, due to modern techniques and methods, we can lessen their pain by providing them education. Agosh Special Children School is one of Khulq e Muhammadi Foundation Sponsored project. It is situated in Kharian Kent and working for the education of special children’s.

You will definitely find KMF working where there is humen suffering. Alhaj Baba G Khalid Mehmood Makki Madni has the vision to see humanity far away from distress. He is a great man and a true definition of charity. Our mission is to serve mankind beyond the discrimination of cast, creed, religion or sects.