Khulq-e-Muhammadi Ambulance

KHULQ-E-MUHAMMADI AMBULANCE. The beacon of the enormous humanitarian services of Khulq e Muhammadi Foundation , with the  fleet of highly dedicated fleet of ambulances, manned by paramedics and equipped with first aid box and oxygen cylinder, spread over Daska City located at Khulq e Muhammadi Head Office, on alert––around the clock all year around––for Rapid Rescue and Relief, providing free immediate help and assistance to the needy, the seriously injured victims of road accidents, disasters and calamities, shifting the sick, people suffering and emergency patients, rushing them to hospitals and medical facilities, while the responding time is within 10 minutes, which further initiates the rescue operation without any delay. Ambulances Network are always on the alert and ready to face any untoward emergency situation.