Medical Assistance

Man is Immortal, several diseases often made him sick. In our country, the Government spends less on health care. A common man if (to his bad fortune) affected by a contiguous disease isn’t able to pay his medical bills. This situation is worse in villages and remote areas.

In Tehsil Daska Khulq e Muhammadi Foundation is working against this dilemma and providing medical assistance to those is needy and miserable for 20 years. Under the kind supervision of Alhaj Baba G Khalid Mehmood Makki Madni Khulq e Muhammadi far so far has provided medical assistance to 20,000 dialysis patients.

Alhaj Baba G Khalid Mehmood Makki Madni has the vision to see humanity far away from distress. He is a great man and a true definition of charity. Our mission is to serve mankind beyond the discrimination of cast, creed, religion or sects.